It is Autumn on Prospect Point . . .

© Dean Color
A hush fills the air; a quiet and a peace descend which human beings are seldom privileged to know. If you're an artist, writer or poet, few places on earth are as sure to bring on the heavenly muse.

Relax in an Adirondack chair beneath the old sugar maples, gaze out at the flaming mountainside mirrored in the tranquil waters, and let the verses flow. . . As you watch in wonder, you'll know as we do that no throne of olden days ever offered richer rewards.

Sometimes guests awaken to a special treat -
if we get an early dusting of snow on the mountaintop, the white cap on the scarlet mountain is a sight nearly too beautiful for words.

Long known for one of the lowest pollen counts in New York State, Blue Mountain Lake is the perfect retreat for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. The air is pure and clean, with mild days and cool crisp evenings. As night descends, sit round a crackling bonfire and thrill to a starscape unsurpassed in Eastern North America.


Autumn is also the season for a fabulous event in our neck of the woods: The spacious grounds of the Adirondack Museum host the Annual Rustic Furniture Fair (September 8 - 9), where the finest carvers in the mountains gather to show and sell their creations. Visitors from across the country arrive for the chance to meet these world-class artisans and bring home a piece of the Adirondacks.

  Until you've seen the mist rise in spectral columns from the lake, burned away by the morning sun, or paddled through a palette which would awe the Impressionists, you haven't really known all that Autumn can do.

Take advantage of our excellent off-season rates and reserve yourself a week or weekend you'll carry with you all year long.

Bring your family or the love of your life to a place beyond the reach of the industrial world.
Come home! Experience Autumn at Prospect Point.
 The loveliest of seasons . . .  
   In the loveliest of places.


  • Unsurpassed Fall foliage

  • Excellent off-season rates!

  • From October 1st - June 26th, enjoy our
    Gourmet Hot & Cold Adirondack Breakfast ~ on the house of course!

  • Allergy and hay fever friendly,
    with one of the lowest pollen counts in the state

  • Wonderful hiking and canoeing weather

  • Spectacular starscapes

  • Perfect time for get-away weekends or long quiet weeks away from it all

  • World renowned Adirondack Museum opened 7 days a week through Oct 18
    (Located across the lake)

  • Great Camp Sagamore, former retreat of the Vanderbilts and a National Historic Landmark, open daily through Columbus Day. Tours at 1:30 PM. Just 14 minutes away.

  • Spectacular Wild Center/Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks on Tupper Lake
    Open 7 days through Oct 31st; thereafter Friday-Sunday
    (Closed during April).

  • Annual Rustic Furniture Fair held at the Adirondack Museum
    Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 8th and 9th (Preview Benefit Friday, Sept. 7th)

"As each winding mile is traveled to the northeast, the mountains become higher and the lakes bluer, reaching a culmination in the ideal setting of Blue Mountain Lake. On the grounds of the Prospect Point Hotel, the trees run the entire gamut of autumn colors from purple to red to yellow. The highway drops the motorist abruptly into the center of this striking display."
- Better Homes & Gardens

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