. . .The murmur of rapids cascading from woodland peaks, the trumpet of Canada Geese, the pastel wave of wildflowers. Imagine drinking in the scent of lilac and honeysuckle, and feeling the soft green grass spring up beneath your toes. Imagine a place where the childhood you thought was over is rediscovered, where your wonder is rekindled and your soul revived like the season blossoming all around you. Imagine this myriad of miracles, multiply it by infinity, and then maybe you'll be close to imagining Spring in Blue Mountain Lake.

At Prospect Point, we understand your need to imagine. We've felt the stress, endured the crowds, dealt with the deadlines, longed for home. We've traveled to distant lands and despite the treasures there, truly feel (with no disrespect intended toward the rest of the planet) that our lake in the mountains is the single most beautiful place we've ever had the privilege of being in.


The roar of nearby Buttermilk Falls
  Spring is the perfect season to enjoy wildlife. Beaver and muskrat emerge from their lodges; osprey and falcon soar our skies once more. If you're lucky you might spot a mink or marten dashing along the shoreline, or come face to face with an otter - who's equally curious about you!

While we can't predict what creatures you might see, some of our recent Springtime guests were thrilled to share the premises with a tiny fawn, whose mother had made the thickets of Prospect Point her nursery.

Spring also heralds a delightful North Country tradition: the amazing Adirondack Birding Festival (June 8-10), sponsored annually by Hamilton County, is free with your stay. Join family members and fellow guests for three incredible days filled with nature hikes, birdwalks, canoe trips and dynamic presentations. Be assured, we won't just drop you off in the wilderness - you'll be led by some of the most knowledgeable guides in the mountains. Canoe through hidden marshes and lakes and spot rare birds and wild creatures. Join us on driving safaris down backwoods roads to discover parts of the wilderness that elude even many Adirondackers. You can participate in whichever events you feel like, and just rest up and do what you please the rest of the time. But whatever you do, by all means take the camera!

Enjoy a front row seat under the flowering trees.

So this year when Spring Fever hits, don't sigh and wonder where to go. You already know the answer. Satiate your wanderlust with Nature's finest cure . . .

Follow your compass to Prospect Point and Celebrate Spring as never before!

Springtime Treasures:

  • Glorious blossoming trees and plants

  • Wonderful Spring fishing

  • Excellent off-season rates

  • Enjoy our Gourmet Hot & Cold Adirondack Breakfast ~ on the house of course!

  • Whitewater rafting nearby

  • Annual Adirondacks Birding Festival, June 8 - 10

  • Spectacular Wild Center/Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks,
    Fri-Sun all Winter and Spring (closed in April). After Memorial Day, open 7 days!

  • Spring Tours of Great Camp Sagamore, former retreat of the Vanderbilts and a National Historic Landmark, 1:30 PM weekends from Memorial Day through the third weekend in June. (Tours every day therafter at 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM.)

  • Adirondack Museum across the lake reopens May 25th, 7 days a week!

  • Surefire cure for wanderlust and Spring Fever







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