~ Winter at Prospect Point Cottages! ~

Like a painting by Grandma Moses or a postcard from another time,
Prospect Point becomes an utterly enchanted fairyland in Winter.


The very image of Wintry Magic and Romance!

Wouldn't you love the chance to visit a place that's really extra special, a place that oozes with ambiance and truly defines the meaning of "Winter Wonderland?" A place where you can be a kid again, build igloos, try on a pair of snowshoes, or meet new friends by a crackling fire, surrounded by music and laughter? The sort of place that seems so rare these days you might imagine it still exists only in books or fairy tales, or golden memories from another time . . .

Well, if you're reading this now, we can tell you that cherished place still lives and you found it.

We're Prospect Point Cottages, and preserving what's precious in life is our specialty. Nothing makes us happier than giving others the chance to fall in love with these mountains (and with each other), to spend time in a romantic cozy cottage hideaway, and to build the kind of memories that make life a joy.


Who's here in the winter? All kinds of people! We've had retired folks and newlyweds, award-winning artists seeking inspiration and accountants, computer people and educators just needing a getaway.

If you're single, your destiny might just be staying in the cottage next door, hoping to meet you at brunch in the morning. (Hey, you never know. And if they're here in the first place then they must love the mountains like you, and be a good person, right?) If you've already found your sweetheart, there never was a more perfect setting for Romance. And if you have kids, well, experiencing Winter Magic in a setting like this is positively part of their heritage as human beings, and NOT bringing them to Prospect Point is, frankly, a sin. The unpardonable kind. One that would make your mother frown.

And since we know what a good parent you are and wouldn't do that to your kids or your mother, it's time to stop procrastinating, get with the program, and treat your family and yourself to the time of your lives! (When the kids call you "awesome" and everyone says you're their hero, remember we had this little chat. Hey, we're just glad to be of service. It's what we do.)

The perfect place to be snowed in! The Prospect Room,
all a-glitter on the eve of our Annual Holiday Party ~
an On-The-House Event, of course!

Breakfast Is Served!

Maybe we're biased, but we think you'll love our Famous Fabulous Gourmet Adirondack Breakfast.
Prepared piping hot in the Prospect Room every morning 9-12, from October 1st - June 26th.

A Photographer's Dream: The call of the wild beckons across frozen Adirondack waters. While it may look like this image was captured during a long trek though the wilderness, it was actually snapped from the road, minutes from your cottage.

Winter here is unlike winter anywhere else. In fact, some folks say there is no winter anywhere else. Learn what it means to see coyotes trot over the frozen waters, to snowshoe over mighty drifts, to glide through some of the most scenic and sparsely used cross-country ski trails in the North Country.

For those who prefer the thrill of downhill, we're only 11 miles from Indian Lake, where the village ski slope and skating rink are free to all. (Just bring your own skis and skates.)

For even more excitement, we're only 30 minutes from Gore Mt., one of the great downhill ski runs in the East.

Your family will have the whole of Prospect Point on which to go sleigh riding, build snowmen, or just relax with a good book in splendid isolation.

When the day is done, warm by a cheerful fire in your cottage over mugs of steaming hot chocolate, or, if you're feeling more sociable, come on up to the Prospect Room and meet others doing the same thing.

Forever may it wave! Our Beautiful Flag
always flies over the Prospect Room.

One of life's great pleasures:
Basking in the warmth of a fire in your very own cottage!


If you're lucky you might find the night sky ablaze with the shimmering colors of the Aurora Borealis, the mysterious Northern Lights.

Ready to explore? Try out a pair of our snowshoes for a breathtaking hike through the wondrous winter woods. Or tour the incredible Wild Center/Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks, which hosts special Wildays programs each weekend in Winter. Join them for hikes, animal encounters, igloo building, movies and more!

One excursion through the deep woods, one glance at the snowy mountains cloaked in a sunset mantle of rose and orange, and you'll wonder how you could have ever imagined Florida was a good idea.

What we offer isn't just a place; it's a memory. So leave the stress and worry of contemporary life behind. Enter an enchanted realm.

The tinkling of crystal boughs forms a symphony of sight and sound on Prospect Point.

Experience Winter at Prospect Point:

The Ultimate In Ambiance . . .

The Richest In Romance.

All our Winter Cottages and Lodge Units have fireplaces, oil or electric heat, large picture windows,
fully equipped kitchens (refrigerator, stove, microwave, toaster, coffee-maker, dishes, utensils, etc.),
linens, bath towels, porches, Cable TV and phones. All our units are hypoallergenic;
smoke-free and pet-free with non- feather pillows. Moose
Lodge is wheelchair accessible.

Reigning majestically above Prospect Point,
Old Blue wears an ivory crown in this Most Magical of Seasons.


  • The Ultimate Retreat - an isolated Winter Wonderland!

  • Enjoy our famous Gourmet Hot & Cold Adirondack Breakfast all winter long ~
    On the house of course!

  • Never a charge to go exploring on our snowshoes

  • Relax before warmth and glow of a fire, right in your cottage or up in the Prospect Room

  • Breathtaking cross-country ski trails minutes from your cabin

  • 11 miles from Indian Lake Ski Slope and Skating Rink - free to the public

  • Only 30 minutes from Gore Mountain, one of the great downhill slopes of the East

  • Tour the new Wild Center/Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks, and enjoy their exciting Winter Weekend Wildays programs! On Tupper Lake, just 30 minutes away.


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